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Side Window Sun Shade With Insulation, Separated By Ultraviolet Light
Jul 19, 2017

1. External shade energy-saving transformation of the way, building outside the shade of energy-saving transformation is divided into fixed outside the shade of energy-saving transformation, activities outside the shade of energy-saving transformation and glass film / coating transformation. Among them,Side Window Sun Shade there are four kinds of horizontal, vertical, stall and integrated four kinds of fixed outer shade. The external shade is the awning, the activities of the blinds, the activities of the hard curtain and the activities of the soft shutter system.

2. Outer shade transformation of the object, the outer shade energy-saving transformation is generally only applicable to the existing building energy-saving transformation, in accordance with the implementation of some areas of the building energy efficiency design standards, the new building in the design stage should be designed to plan Side Window Sun Shade device.

3. The choice of external shade transformation mode, both the building outside the shade energy-saving transformation should be a detailed assessment of the actual building energy efficiency, combined with the local climate environment (latitude, the average annual solar radiation intensity, etc.), ease of transformation and economic costs The choice of the appropriate way to transform the outer shade.

Fixed external shade energy-saving transformation of existing buildings outside the external shade energy-saving transformation of the common way grille, horizontal baffle, and tilt simple fixed and so on. In general, in the existing building on the external shade transformation of the construction of relatively large, because the external walls are more installed anti-theft network and drying racks and other external parts, the construction of the whole building need to build external scaffolding, , High cost, and easy to damage the external walls of the insulation layer and waterproof layer. More importantly, the external sunshade device itself can not adjust the size, shape or shading state, inevitably produce and lighting, natural ventilation, winter heating, vision and other aspects of the contradiction, especially in the winter and spring cold season, There is no insulation energy-saving effect, but also to block the use of solar radiation heat. So both the residential building to carry out fixed Side Window Sun Shade energy-saving transformation is imperfect.

Glass film / film outer shade modified glass film is coated with a layer of glass from the PET substrate composite with water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive insulation film, can reflect the infrared; glass smear is directly on the glass surface coating Brush a layer of functional architectural coatings, with insulation, UV and other functions. Film / film energy-saving transformation is characterized by simple transformation process, the construction period is short, in the summer with a certain shade insulation effect,Side Window Sun Shade can save energy, but in winter because of blocking the solar radiation heat to the room, but energy The Therefore, the winter and summer energy consumption effects cancel each other, can not really achieve energy conservation, the scope of application is limited.