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Side Window Sun Shade To Achieve Insulation Effect, Reduce Space Energy Consumption
May 25, 2017

Sun Side Window Sun Shade as a home dimmer master, scientific "management" space light. Isolation of ultraviolet light, to avoid the direct look at the outdoor glare, the light makes the room more warm, more comfortable feeling of space and pleasant, to avoid long-term sun caused furniture, wallpaper aging, to extend the life of home space.

Side Window Sun Shade Side Window Sun Shade more local conditions. Window cover Side Window Sun Shade system modeling simple, do not take up space. Can be based on the size of the window, tailor-made Side Window Sun Shade. In addition, the majority of the sun Side Window Sun Shade on the market are manual and electric two ways. Simply install a motor, you can achieve electric remote control, and even with the whole house intelligent system, to achieve integrated intelligent space, early into the future life.

Side Window Sun Shade hood also has incomparable "human" function. Energy saving is one of the major advantages, Side Window Sun Shade window can reduce the internal and external heat exchange, to achieve insulation effect, reduce space energy consumption.

Colorful awning through the doors and windows of the decoration can change the overall image of the villa, to create personalized, taste of the courtyard life.

At the same time intelligent and convenient Side Window Sun Shade control system will be smart home advanced concept into each user.

So Side Window Sun Shade for the villa should not be some kind of optional facilities, but a return to the villa essential signs of the characteristics. Into the Side Window Sun Shade elements of more residential, from another point of view, that is, the quality of life, the pursuit of leisure mood.

In order to prevent the sunshine during the summer sun exposure, you can use a relatively solid textiles made awning, awning itself not only has a decorative effect, but also to block the wind and rain. The awning can also be made with bamboo curtains, curtains, and should be made up and down or scalable to adjust the area, location and angle of sunlight as needed. But also make the balcony side of the room from a strong sun exposure, the formation of indoor work, rest of the comfortable environment.

Awning can cut off and absorb ultraviolet light, the sun's ultraviolet light on the floor, walls, curtains and other great damage. If the awning is installed. To prevent deterioration of interior decoration fade.

Awning can play the role of Side Window Sun Shade, awning can avoid sunshine. Blocking the summer sinister sun, according to the system room temperature rise, air-conditioning effect is also greatly improved, thereby saving energy.