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Side Window Sun Shade Minimize The Direct Sunlight Of The Sun
Jun 22, 2017

In the 20th century, the world's building science and technology by leaps and bounds, developed countries, building insulation structure of thermal insulation and air tightness greatly improved, heating, air conditioning and shading equipment and technology is progressing, people can be more favorable and comfortable indoor environment In life and work. From the classic architectural treasures to the rough local architecture, the building shade must be given full attention and reflected in different ways.

The main aspects of building energy conservation are the most important aspects of building design, including insulation (windows, walls, roofs), shade, and ventilation. Reasonable building shading design can make the air conditioning system operating energy consumption reduced by about 16% to 29%.

1. The necessity of Side Window Sun Shade

Side Window Sun Shade energy-saving, in the 70's energy crisis, the development of different systems to enhance the thermal performance of Side Window Sun Shade. Side Window Sun Shade is the main building of public buildings, is the building heat exchange, heat transfer the most active and most sensitive parts of the loss of the traditional wall loss of heat 5 to 6 times the energy consumption of the entire building energy consumption About 40%, so the Side Window Sun Shade energy conservation has an extremely important position.

In the domestic, with the development of market economy, building energy efficiency is an urgent need for sustainable development of China's economy and society, construction units and design units of energy conservation and environmental awareness continue to improve, the Side Window Sun Shade energy requirements are also increasing. Although the use of shade measures in the Side Window Sun Shade can achieve the desired energy-saving effect of insulation, but at home, at this stage the parties concerned not enough attention. A poorly designed all-Side Window Sun Shade of the building, its annual air-conditioning power consumption may be four times the general concrete facade building. The Side Window Sun Shade life of 50 years, of course, its energy efficiency is far better than short-lived air conditioners, refrigerators, boilers and so on. So the Side Window Sun Shade building energy saving than other building products is more important energy-saving, the development of Side Window Sun Shade technology is also the most energy-saving building energy tools.

2. Study on the shading of Side Window Sun Shade

The energy-saving design of the outer envelope of the building is interlocked by factors such as window opening, orientation, shading and insulation materials, which affect the energy consumption of the building. Taiwan's Sila Research Office has studied the outer envelope of office buildings in Taiwan, and analyzed the energy consumption of the elements of the building's outer envelope. The analysis results:

① the external window rate is the most important factor in the external wall energy saving, reducing the window area rate is the most important means of energy conservation, but also reduce the window rate must also take into account and take into account the appropriate natural lighting, and exempt from psychological sense of closure. However, for the pursuit of transparent effect of the Side Window Sun Shade, can only be used to reduce the open window area and strengthen the thermal insulation design to achieve energy-saving requirements.

② outer shade and glass cover is the second important factor in the external wall energy saving, glass material and outer shade are affecting the size of the shelter, but the installation of sun visor, sun shade and other outer shade than the effect of changing the glass material. Glass material can choose high reflectivity of the reflective glass and heat-absorbing glass (reflective reflectivity glass too much will cause glare pollution pollution), so to choose the appropriate reflective glass.

③ building orientation factor is the third element of external energy-saving design (accounting for 13.8% of the proportion). Large area of the Side Window Sun Shade should avoid the East according to the sun, the long direction of the building should be placed north and south.

The use of shading measures is not only a necessary means of energy efficient design of Side Window Sun Shades, but also a necessary means for building Side Window Sun Shades in architectural design.

3. The effect and effect of shading

As the Side Window Sun Shade by the glass and metal structure, and the glass surface heat transfer, high thermal transmittance, so the indoor thermal conditions have a great impact. In the summer, the sun through the glass into the room, is the main cause of indoor overheating. Especially in the hot areas of the South, if the body and then by the direct sunlight, will feel hot and uncomfortable. In the Side Window Sun Shade to set the shade system, you can minimize the direct sunlight, so as to avoid indoor overheating, hot area is one of the main measures of building heat. Set shade, there will be the following effects and effects