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Side Window Sun Shade According To The Specific Situation
Sep 29, 2017

1, environmental protection and energy conservation: environmental protection and energy conservation has been the biggest feature and advantages of the Side Window Sun Shade, the state in the building energy-saving aspects for the Side Window Sun Shade products have been enough attention, I believe the future will be a very good development. In the future time, Side Window Sun Shade products, energy-saving effect will be more scientific, more obvious, the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving will be more obvious.

2, intelligent automation: Side Window Sun Shade products can be automated in fact already have a prototype, can be in the night, wind and rain weather automatically put away the Side Window Sun Shade products have emerged a lot. In the future, intelligent automation Side Window Sun Shade products may be further developed on this basis, more sensitive, safe, and durable.

3, fashion personalized: fashion and personality in recent years has been emphasized and the pursuit of elements, in the Side Window Sun Shade products is also very important. Today's film structure Side Window Sun Shade, fashion is very significant, some Side Window Sun Shade was painted into a bright, special colors and patterns; some of the new modeling products are also available, marking the shade products fashion personality is not impossible , But has a lot of room for development.

Now society, not only the Side Window Sun Shade industry, other industries are the same, in the future development has a roughly the same trend: environmental protection, intelligent automation, fashion personalized. This is determined by the development of science and the development of social ideas. So the Austrian green shade products can not be out of the tide, the future will move closer to these areas.

1, Side Window Sun Shade only after the clean and dried to put away. When the wet Side Window Sun Shade had to be put away, please remember that there should be a chance to start and dry it.

2, when cleaning the Side Window Sun Shade, it should be completely open when it is dry to clean. Cleaning and maintenance should use the correct steps, do not lean on the Side Window Sun Shade, and do not force pressure on it. Do not turn off the power and turn off the robot before performing any operation.

3, whether the need for cleaning Side Window Sun Shade, largely depends on the environment (traffic density, air pollution, industrial pollution, etc.).

Need to be cleaned as follows:

 1, in the Side Window Sun Shade when dry with a soft brush regularly remove dust.

2, branches, leaves and other similar objects should be promptly cleaned up. The Side Window Sun Shade of the Side Window Sun Shade is suitable for the shade of the doors and windows of the lower and multi-storey buildings. Should not be used in high-rise building outside shade. For the system with automatic control, the general requirements must be installed wind control, rain control device, light control can be selected according to specific circumstances.

Manual driving way of the outer shade is generally not applicable to often no one and place. The material, thickness, size and form of the shade material, the form and specification of the fixture, the power of the motor (when the electric power is used), the wind pressure of the place of use, etc. are interrelated, and according to the specific engineering situation