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Rear Window Sun Shade With The Control Of Sunshine Characteristics
Oct 31, 2017

Rear Window Sun Shade of diversification

Currently adjustable as a Rear Window Sun Shade layer or an adjustable surface Rear Window Sun Shade on, the function has surpassed this single function of blocking solar radiation to multifunctional development. Such as directing natural light to produce energy

, Dust, security and so on.

To guide the sun visor, for example, this light guide sun visor, not only can refuse the invasion of solar energy, can also affect the indoor natural lighting. The specific approach is to make sun visor sun part made with anti

The ability of the smooth surface, through a certain physical refraction, so that it can block the light at the same time as the need to refract the sun.

There are photoelectric sun visor, the combination of solar photovoltaic and adjustable sun visor, constitute a composite function of the comprehensive utilization of solar energy devices. Constantly adjust the angle of the sun visor to track the sun rays, the maximum To absorb solar energy. In addition, with the emergence of multi-functional materials, with a special performance of the Rear Window Sun Shade products also appear, such as the use of solar panels with the control of the characteristics of the sandwich Rear Window Sun Shade components, not only

To reduce the energy penetrating the sun, but also can weaken the dazzling sun visible light.integration

In the integration with, the overall Rear Window Sun Shade and the traditional Rear Window Sun Shade for the mouth of the Rear Window Sun Shade of the two different. For office, the overall Rear Window Sun Shade is conducive to control the overall effect of facades

As well as intelligent overall control. And for the glass curtain wall, the overall Rear Window Sun Shade often use double skin, the formation of air layer, play the role of thermal buffer. At the same time, the overall Rear Window Sun Shade will be lighting, through

The wind has a certain impact. The Rear Window Sun Shade system, which is individually controlled, has less impact due to its flexibility. Designers need to choose according to different needs to achieve the use And the balance of energy. Rear Window Sun Shade is a traditional form and structure of the annex, the development has become a tenacious vitality, indicating that it has a certain degree of practicality, the success of Rear Window Sun Shade should be one of the architectural design of the source,

But we can not blindly imitate the introduction of other architectural cases in the success of the concept of Rear Window Sun Shade and structural accessories, but should be based on specific circumstances, different treatment, while the modern Rear Window Sun Shade need to consider the form of construction The location, the height of the constraints and the location of the and other aspects of the problem.