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Rear Window Sun Shade Save Time, Effort, Save Money Effect
Jun 22, 2017

Rear Window Sun Shade to meet the current trend of national energy saving and environmental protection, and gradually popularize the market, in the cold winter, the higher the sun through the window, the more outdoor heat can be collected; but in the hot summer, in order to To maintain indoor cool, but also hope that the transparency of the outer window as low as possible, this time the smart shade system window has played an adjustable role.

First, energy saving

In the summer, the blinds can be adjusted to the closed state can stop the direct sunlight, blocking the hot and cold air convection, a significant reduction in indoor air conditioning energy consumption, in the winter, the louvers can be put away, so that direct sunlight, fully absorbed Heat, coupled with the hollow layer of the barrier, will greatly increase the temperature of the indoor temperature, so as to achieve energy saving and energy saving.

Second, security

Rear Window Sun Shade in the role of shade at the same time, a reasonable adjustment of the angle of shade louvres, but also to guide the natural light to the interior, creating a personalized private space at the same time, but also create a relaxed and happy living environment.

Third, the dust anti-fumes pollution

Dustproof, anti-fumes, anti-pollution advantages, at the same time due to the use of high-tech magnetic induction drive system, so that the closure of the louver open, up and down more easily; lobes without cleaning, to save time, effort, money 

Fourth, the sound insulation

According to the test, the insulating glass can generally reduce the noise transmitted to the room, the hollow glass built-in blinds will make the indoor noise lower, to ensure the perfect sound insulation effect.

Lighting or shade, is based on the needs of residents to decide. Shade shade will be home dimmer master posture came into being. This year, the market shade products more and more, and in the integration of intelligent technology, intelligent home has become an indispensable part. Compared to traditional curtains, shade screens can better understand the light required for home space, you can isolate ultraviolet light, heat and reduce energy consumption; if necessary, can also be integrated into the intelligent system, leading us ahead of life into the future.

First, the shade industry is developing rapidly

With curtains instead of curtains, the European family has been very common. Industry practitioners said, "it is understood that the traditional living room curtains generally have two layers, a layer of semi-transparent shade and a layer of decorative curtains with a decorative effect." Open the two layers of curtains, for the whole light transmission mode; open the blinds, keep the curtain, for the semi-shading mode, both to ensure that the brightness of space, there is a certain degree of privacy; and closed two layers of curtains, you can achieve complete shading.

And curtains and other indoor shade products is different, shade products are mostly installed in the building and housing for shade outside the products, such as blinds, shutter, wind curtain and so on. With the improvement of home life quality, people's demand for shade ornaments increased significantly. According to the law to engage in industry insiders, in Europe, shade products to reach more than 90% of the degree, even in people's minds, "no shade of the building is not complete building." China's modern building shade industry started late, the market share is too small, but the rapid development of the past two years.

Whether the public space or home space, shade system construction and budget should reach 5% to 10% of the proportion of universal shade products is the implementation of national green energy conservation policies. At present, Jiangsu Province has issued and implemented the "building outside the sun forced standard", making the residential outdoor shade system penetration rate reached 60%.

In addition to modern architectural shade decoration function, but also to expand the environmental control, energy saving, security three functions. Shade shade through the control of the light environment, so that the indoor lighting, Ju Yin to improve and enhance indoor comfort, but also has the ability to control indoor and outdoor heat and indoor and outdoor heat radiation capacity, can save energy; In addition, the window outside the shade also Can play the role of anti-theft.

Second, Rear Window Sun Shade features a more sense of the future

Compared to traditional curtains, shade trim can be fine to adjust the light. In addition to living as a "dimming master", shade hood also has many traditional curtains can not match the benefits. First of all, sun shade more adapted to local conditions. Rear Window Sun Shade system simple, do not take up space, unlike the curtain as "heavy." In general, curtains are more suitable for floor design. For windows hanging in the middle of the wall, the curtains are very inconvenient to use, and may affect the appearance, and this window structure in Guangzhou, most families are common. In particular, some small, narrow-shaped windows, it is difficult to use curtains, then you can according to the size of the window, tailor-made shade. In addition, Xiaobian learned that the majority of the market shade have a manual and electric two ways. As long as the simple installation of a motor, you can achieve electric remote control, and even with the whole house intelligent system, to achieve integrated intelligent space, early into the future life.

Moreover, shade shade also has a traditional curtains can not match the "human" skills. Energy saving is one of the major advantages of the hood in the honeycomb curtain with hollow structure, can reduce the internal and external heat exchange, to achieve insulation effect, reduce space energy consumption. There are some honeycomb curtain with a metal surface, can be a certain degree of blocking the sun in the ultraviolet light, to avoid long-term sun caused furniture, wallpaper aging, to extend the life of home space.

In fact, curtains and shade are not uniform. More and more families will combine the two together. A classic solution is to use the vertical Shangri-La curtain instead of the traditional gauze, outside the design of a layer of traditional cloth curtains. In this way, the Shangri-La curtain can be fine to adjust the light, to create a soft diffuse light, and curtains shade, decorative tasks. Horizontal open curtains with vertical pull the Roman curtain, is also a good design.