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Rear Window Sun Shade People In The Car Will Not Be So Hot
May 25, 2017

Rear Window Sun Shade When the hot summer tour, the window shade is an easy to overlook but very easy to use objects

a fixed way

Rear Window Sun Shade According to a fixed way you can have a very simple classification of the window shade. At the same time the following will be the way to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these fixed ways their own

1. Adsorption with a suction cup. There is a direct use of suction cups fixed, but also useful to fix the curtain wheel.

Advantages: posted on the window can be,Rear Window Sun Shade when fixed more easily and easily

Disadvantages: easy to be pulled down, and different products, sucker suction also have good or bad points, easy to step on the mine

2. Use a magnet to suck the metal parts around the window

Advantages: easy to install,Rear Window Sun Shade suitable for most models and windows. Good product adsorption is generally more attractive than the sucker suction force.

Disadvantages: Although not so easy to be pulled off, but when the window can not be used, the wind will be the curtains blowing to the face.

Hang on the window

Advantages: Compared with the above two kinds of fixed way, this is the best stability, the most difficult to be pulled off.

Disadvantages: the installation time is limited, and because this form of the majority of hard board models,Rear Window Sun Shade plus some models are hook design, storage is more convenient

4. attached to the window

Advantages: not easy to be pulled down

Disadvantages: quality varies greatly. But also paste up, this feature led to the product is likely to be too thin and can not block the number of sun, practicality is relatively poor. The requirements of the window is not small, because to meet the smaller than the window, but can block most of the window area requirements. Different models have different windows size or even different shapes,Rear Window Sun Shade consistent with such specific requirements of the unified product is difficult to find the right size

5. There is also a type of sticker type, and this can only be said that the actual role is better than nothing.

The type of window

The window shade is mainly used for the rear window and side windows. For the side window, the main problem is the shape and size, the installation side is not convenient and so on.

The rear window does not need to be opened, but requires a better area.