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Rear Window Sun Shade Anti-aging, Anti-puncture
Aug 09, 2017

Rear Window Sun Shade With the transformation of the aesthetic concept of people, more and more glass is used in life, the largest number of people but also daily home windows and doors glass. But now most people in order to covet convenience and cheap, are casually installed ordinary single-layer glass trouble.

Double glass can prevent heat conduction, it can withstand the cold outside the house heat, but also to prevent the loss of energy inside the house. At present, the ideal energy-saving glass has a double insulation function of the hollow coated glass, which hollow layer thickness of 20 mm,Rear Window Sun Shade so that the glass can maintain a good indoor temperature. And built in the hollow within the louvers, in the summer can block 75% of direct sunlight, to avoid the heat of the sun spread to the room. In the winter can be light as much as possible into the room, to enhance the indoor temperature.

In addition, in the winter and summer, due to large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the use of double glazing than the use of single-glazed windows more comfortable room. Assuming that the outdoor temperature is -10 ° C and the room temperature is 20 ° C, when the surface temperature is increased to 10 ° C, the glass surface temperature is 1 ° C. Since the window temperature and the human body temperature are very different, when the human body is close to the window , Will be a lot of absorption of human radiation heat,Rear Window Sun Shade naturally will produce uncomfortable feeling. In the use of double glass, the window glass, and the human body temperature is greatly reduced.

In addition, because the two layers of insulating glass, the combination of external walls and doors and windows will be more closely, you can outdoor noise, dust are blocked in the outdoors, reduce noise, green, but also conducive to health.

Has the following characteristics:

One-way breathable, lower thermal conductivity, heat only out into:

Tyvek® is made of high density polyethylene and is a low thermal conductivity polymer without any filler or pigment. Unique mesh sheet structure (top left) can be constructed in the polyethylene mesh space. The air is "locked" in these void spaces, which can further reduce the thermal conductivity of the sheet.

Durable, high strength, anti-tear, anti-aging, anti-puncture:

Have you ever tried to tear a Tyvek® envelope? Estimate you can not. Tyvek®'s unique flare fabric made with a unique flash spinning process is not only difficult to be torn and punctured, but also weighs only one-half to one-tenth of the usual packaging material.

In a variety of rough use of the environment can be achieved durable.

High light resistance, high reflectivity, anti-ultraviolet, low emissivity:

Unique surface with the reflection effect,Rear Window Sun Shade is a good protective material to protect the product from the harm of solar radiation.

Waterproof, both waterproof, while its flake structure allows gas and steam through. Acid, alkali chemical corrosion, not afraid of most strong acid, alkali, salt

Anti-bacterial anti-mite dust:

The Tyvek® manufacturing process eliminates the need to add any heavy metals or worrying chemical substrates,Rear Window Sun Shade such as bisphenol A (BPA) or plasticizers. Tyvek® also does not support microbial growth.