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Rear Window Shading Measures Are More Effective
Sep 29, 2017

Rear Window Sun Shade can block the direct sunlight, to prevent glare, so that the indoor illumination distribution is more uniform, contribute to the normal visual work, to avoid a large area of glass reflective light pollution. However, due to shade products have light blocking effect, therefore, in the shade system design should be fully considered, as far as possible to meet the requirements of indoor natural lighting.

Rear Window Sun Shade to prevent the indoor temperature rise has a significant effect in Guangzhou, a West to the room test data show that: in the case of closed windows, with or without Rear Window Sun Shade, room temperature maximum difference of 20 ℃, the average difference of 1.4 ℃. And the installation of the Rear Window Sun Shade room temperature amplitude is smaller, the maximum temperature at room temperature delay, indoor temperature field uniform. Therefore, Rear Window Sun Shade is one of the main measures to save electricity.

Rear Window Sun Shade can reduce the direct sunlight, the effect of blocking the solar radiation heat is quite large, the glass curtain wall construction electric shade measures is the effect is obvious.

Rear Window Sun Shade on the indoor ventilation have a certain blocking effect, in the case of open the window ventilation, the indoor wind speed will be reduced by 22-47%, while the glass surface of the hot air to block the role of adverse heat dissipation, so the electric shade program Design should be noted.