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Front Window Sun Shade Highly Anti-pollution And Easy To Clean
Oct 19, 2017

Front Window Sun Shade Very high pollution resistance, easy to clean;

Good waterproof and oil-proof;

Moth-proof anti-corrosion corrosion-resistant performance, long service life, under normal circumstances can guarantee more than five years do not fade.

Breathable good, make people feel comfortable, enjoy the harmony and beauty of nature.

With modified polyester fiber as raw material evercolor fabric: After special process treatment, light fastness, Anti-ultraviolet irradiation, long service life,Front Window Sun Shade can withstand more than 90% of the solar heat radiation degrees Celsius high temperature, has a good energy-saving environmental protection role.

1, effectively block the sun, reduce indoor temperature, reduce the use of empty frequencies, to achieve economic benefits;

2, the use of awnings can open windows, to keep the indoor air circulation, while avoiding direct sunlight damage indoor furniture;

3, can open up outdoor space, in the balcony or platform leisure, sports, while not by the sun's ultraviolet rays and harmful substances harm;

4, add personalized embellishment for the building, decorate the home, make it more fashionable, art


The shading fabric now used as awning can be divided into two kinds of fabrics: Fiberglass fabric and polyester shading fabric. Fiberglass fabric is mainly PVC coated glass fiber, Front Window Sun Shadepolyester fabric is PVC coated polyester polyester fiber. Each own different characteristics, in order to purchase in accordance with their own needs. Made from polypropylene acrylic fiber, this sunshade fabric has special anti-ultraviolet function. To ensure that in the all-weather environment, the fabric will not fade performance. After years of sun and rain, also can not lose the intensity and bright colors; Masterbatch in the drawing stage,Front Window Sun Shade the liquid as the medium in-depth fiber core rather than the general surface dyeing, So the color fastness is very high. And the fabric is treated with special mildew, only mild soap can remove the general dirt. And can dry naturally in a few minutes.

1, the fabric should ensure constant size, no deformation; Outdoor shading requires durable and durable practicality;

2, the choice of fabrics also pay attention to the fabric surface smooth, to ensure that the volume freely, to prevent fabric running, wrinkles or rewinding and other phenomena occur;

3, the fabric should have enough tensile and tear strength, to prevent the risk of tearing in the harsh weather conditions; so the outdoor shading option is also the first step to success;

4, the connection between fabrics using sewing technology to ensure that the fabric has enough strength, awning fabrics should ensure a good color retention;

5, fabric surface should have a certain anti-pollution performance, and easy to clean, maintenance simple and convenient.