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Car Sun Shade Transparent, Low Carbon Energy Saving, Green, Shade Insulation
Oct 31, 2017

Summer sunshine "warm" like fire, I heard that Car Sun Shade the shade products can play a particularly good shade insulation effect, but also suffer from their understanding, you have encountered such a situation? Then let us learn to learn Car Sun Shade the shade small knowledge, to meet the advent of cool summer!

One, the concept of Car Sun Shade

hade system according to its installation location and the relative position of the building wall is divided into inner shade and Car Sun Shade, Car Sun Shade the shade is installed in the building Car Sun Shade the protective cover of the sun Car Sun Shade the device.Second, the principle of Car Sun Shade, role and development trends Principle: Car Sun Shade the sun is the use of a physical way to block the solar radiation heat and solar light through the building Car Sun Shade the enclosure into the room. Heat transfer methods are: heat conduction, thermal convection and thermal radiation. Since the energy transfer of solar radiation is mainly heat radiation, so our focus on thermal radiation 

on the indoor environment. When the solar radiation, in the form of light, divided into three main bands: infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, which accounted for 3% of the total heat of ultraviolet light, visible light accounted for 44%, infrared light accounted for 53%.

The external shade is one of the effective methods of building energy saving design in the summer heat and cold winter areas, especially in the summer, especially in the summer, which blocks the solar radiation heat into the indoor and winter to avoid the loss of indoor heat. The thermal comfort and light comfort.Development trend: the real sun shade must meet the shade insulation, translucent through the wind, ventilation and ventilation of the three conditions, only these three conditions at the same time to meet, is the real Car Sun Shade.

Third, the advantages of Car Sun Shade and inner shade comparison

1. Outer shade shade effect is better than the inner shade. Installation of outdoor shade system can reduce the indoor temperature 7 ℃ -8 ℃, saving 40% -60% of the air conditioning energy consumption, the installation of indoor shade system can reduce the indoor temperature 4 ℃ -5 ℃, save 30% -45% power consumption. In terms of energy efficiency, the outdoor shading system is better than the indoor shading system.

2. The outer shade system is blocked before the solar radiation reaches the glass curtain wall, and the heat does not have the opportunity to enter the room due to the flow of air between the outer shade and the window. And the sun shade is the sun radiation into the room after the treatment, in the curtains and glass between the formation of a heat island effect, curtains in the room and no sealing effect, the heat is easy to spread in the room.

3, Car Sun Shade the shade advantage products

Car Sun Shade Advantages Product requirements: Transparent, low carbon energy saving, green, shade insulation, wind and compression, fire retardant, self-cleaning easy to clean, stylish and beautiful, in summary, to meet the requirements of the product Can only be a good anti-wind and flame-retardant properties of the "high-rise building with anti-wind sunscreen products", such as outdoor top shutter translation system, because of its resistance to wind and fire performance to meet all the requirements.