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Car Sun Shade Protection Is Very Significant
Jun 13, 2017

Car Sun Shade 

Hot weather up, the car's high temperature and the car outside the dazzling sun particularly troublesome, Car Sun Shade  should also go! With it, the baby sleep is not flashing, and shading rate of 90% or more, can enhance the air conditioning cooling effect, to the baby to create a comfortable rest space; this group has two, one is the use of high-precision shading cloth, No smell, no high temperature and no harmful substances, three weaving, the middle of the light layer; another is a double fabric, a layer of linen and a layer of shade cloth, shading effect is also great, all kinds of nice cartoon Can be selected, mothers have to prepare in advance yo!

Sun visor is to prevent the sun through direct exposure to the car items, jewelry, through the reflection to achieve the purpose of cooling. Finally effect Well, the network has different opinions,Car Sun Shade before the media personally did the experimental test, together.

experiment procedure:

Prepare two cars of the same type, parked in the sun exposure place. A car to install the sun visor, a not installed, after a sun exposure after sunshine. And so the temperature reached 25 ℃ to start the experiment, every 15 minutes to record the temperature inside the car, after 60 minutes of exposure to the use of temperature guns on the car, including the steering wheel, front right side of the seat, the top of the dashboard to the local temperature measuring. The results are as follows.

In the case of no sun visor,Car Sun Shade 15 minutes after the car's average temperature has reached 40 ℃, and after an hour of high temperature baked, the car temperature has approached 50 degrees Celsius, so high temperature led to the car environment is very bad, If at this time into the car that is how much a kind of suffering. So do not put the children alone in the car, especially in the summer.

Compared to the case of no sun visor, the average car temperature after installation of the sun visors for 60 minutes is only 39.5 ° C. Although this temperature can not make the human body feel comfortable, it seems that it can be tolerated. 10 ℃ temperature difference, the difference is more obvious.

It can be seen that the difference in the surface temperature between the top of the car, such as the top of the instrument panel, center console, seat, etc.,Car Sun Shade is more pronounced after 60 minutes of experiment. It can be seen that the protective effect of the sun visor on the central control part is very significant.

to sum up:

From the above experimental results can be clear, sun visor or have a certain temperature control effect. Although the control of the temperature in the car on the poor, but in the protection of the console, the steering wheel has played a significant role, after all, plastic center console and steering wheel most afraid of the sun exposure, the long run will accelerate the aging of the plastic.

1. open parking lot parked vehicles, the front back to the sun can effectively reduce the temperature inside the car.

2. Before the summer on the car should be the first door,Car Sun Shade  windows open, and so two or three minutes after the hot air discharge and then launch the vehicle.

3. When the car temperature is greater than the outside temperature, the use of external circulation; when the car temperature is lower than the outside temperature, the use of internal circulation.

4. When you open the air, the air outlet up, cold air will automatically sink.

5. Turn off air conditioning before arriving at the destination, reduce fuel consumption while avoiding air conditioning to produce odor.