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Car Sun Shade Let The Car Room Temperature Is Not So High
Aug 09, 2017

Hot weather up, the car's high temperature and the car outside the dazzling sun particularly troublesome, car sunshade should also go! With it, the baby sleep is not flashing, and shading rate of 90% or more, can enhance the air conditioning cooling effect, to the baby to create a comfortable rest space; this group has two,Car Sun Shade one is the use of high-precision shading cloth, No smell, no high temperature and no harmful substances, three weaving, the middle of the light layer; another is a double fabric, a layer of linen and a layer of shade cloth, shading effect is also great, all kinds of nice cartoon Can be selected, mothers have to prepare in advance yo!

Sun visor is a very useful accessories, sitting in front of the passengers are mostly used, and the co-pilot sun visor can be moved to the left side of the door on the edge, used to block the left and right sides of the sun exposure. To know the sun side of the irradiation will also affect the front row driving and passengers,Car Sun Shade we may wish to carefully look at the sun viscous card, can not break out with the next.

We will show you through a number of experiments to use the unacceptable shade film may exist security risks, and invited the "people's livelihood laboratory" expert service group experts, teach you how to buy quality assured shade film.

A lot of car owners, will buy their own car for the car, as the name suggests, is the car clothes, the overall feeling is to cover the whole body, in the current indoor parking lot is scarce,Car Sun Shade there is no private residential private garage, A better way to car. Summer has arrived, many owners will directly use the garments as a block of the sun, but in fact there is a significant difference between them, you know?

The market can be described as a variety of sunshades, the price is 50 to 200 yuan range, compared to the biggest feature is the increase in the sun can reflect the sun's aluminum film, claiming that the use of cars in the hot sun after the temperature drop 30 ℃. From the technical analysis, the black body paint is indeed caused by the rise of the temperature inside the culprit, and aluminum mask sun shield is a good solution to this problem.

In addition to the role of heat insulation, many businesses in the publicity when the sunshade to 5 seconds to expand folding storage and other convenient as a selling point, and with anti-theft, waterproof, etc. as the main selling point. But the professor believes that the biggest effect of sunshade shade,Car Sun Shade as long as the function is enough to do this.

Where does the garments and sunshades choose? Professor that the two functions do not conflict, the car is to protect the car for a long time when the protection, and the role of the sun shield is to reduce the direct sunlight into the car, to a certain extent, reduce the burning effect of the car,Car Sun Shade So that owners and passengers can quickly enter the car in the summer sun, as well as to avoid leather seats and dashboards by the role of UV damage, if conditions, then both are necessities, if used daily, then a sun shield is also necessary.