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Car Sun Shade High-grade, Beautiful And Practical
May 25, 2017

Car Sun Shade  is the name used to block the sun, is to avoid the direct sunlight vehicle design, the use of different materials and the use of different fixed mechanism made of car Car Sun Shade  device. Common Car Sun Shade  files are external and built-in, including all-inclusive or half-bag of the garments, before and after a single product, built-in curtain with a sucker fixed, the market's built-in suction pad Car Sun Shade  are generally dedicated The ability to perfectly fit the side of the car glass.

Built-in Car Sun Shade  file on behalf of the use of double-sided aluminum foil plus bubble film material, according to the shape of the glass shape and the use of glass between the glass plate fixed.

External Car Sun Shade  on behalf of the use of single-sided aluminum or double-sided aluminum material, with memory wire support, covering the front windshield in the car, with elastic band and ribbon fixed in the door and rear view mirror.

Sun visor is a very useful accessories, sitting in front of the passengers are mostly used, and the co-pilot sun visor can be moved to the left side of the door on the edge, used to block the left and right sides of the sun exposure. To know the sun side of the irradiation will also affect the front row driving and passengers, we may wish to carefully look at the sun viscous card, can not break out with the next.

    Mesh and silk cloth is basically the same, Car Sun Shade  about 70%, the strongest blinds, opacity about 90%. (4 side windows + rear window) high-grade car curtain fabric, sunscreen insulation effect is best, the machine hot fold, loading effect for the fold Shaped, can block more than 90% of the UV, reflective effect is excellent, outside can not see inside, high privacy. Luxurious, upscale, beautiful and practical.