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Car Side Roller Sun Shade With Good Cover Sunshine
Jun 22, 2017

Car Side Roller Sun Car Side Roller Sun Shade material sunscreen

The fabric is a certain sunscreen function, specifically in the sunscreen that period said. Here we just simply talk about sunscreen material sunscreen differences.

Before the fixed way, the window attached to the windows of the window Car Side Roller Sun Shade of the attitude is actually not recommended, in addition to those mentioned in front of those considerations, the way with the stick to the fixed window Car Side Roller Sun Shade the biggest drawback is the sun weak. Paste the nature of the decision can not be too thick, the density can not play to block the function of ultraviolet light.

1. First of all, in those who have a brand trust products, there are UPF label is the best, directly choose the highest sun protection factor on the ok.

This type of product with upf label has Hajour window Car Side Roller Sun Shade, sun protection factor up to 50.

2. Do not mark the sun protection factor, by looking at the fabric (recommended fabric class, do not recommend plastic stickers and plastic plate class) density. The following figure shows the different densities of different SPF ratios

3. In the sunscreen part, in addition to the density of the fabric, the color is also part of the sunscreen function. Color and ultraviolet light there is contact, but also to understand the importance of its sunscreen in the fabric of its own material and density and other properties.

The same product under the conditions, the dark sunscreen effect than the light-colored sunscreen is better.

Fixed way: Car Side Roller Sun Shade cloth inside the magnet, is adsorbed on the metal frame in the window, if the window has a metal frame, are generally available, if it is no frame window or no metal frame window, use up It is very troublesome.

Open the way: do not open the window from the next to open or from the bottom up to open are very appropriate.

Size is 60x48cm, the material is polyester fiber, nylon, polyurethane. Product material and density so that this sunscreen sunscreen effect is good, the front is waterproof fabric, encountered stains easy to clean up. The opposite is the black dark curtain, but also play the role of occlusion, the disadvantage is that when the window is not convenient.

Awning can cut off and absorb ultraviolet light, the sun's ultraviolet light on the floor, walls, curtains and other great damage. If the awning is installed. To prevent deterioration of interior decoration fade.

Awning can play the role of Car Side Roller Sun Shade, awning can avoid sunshine. Blocking the summer sinister sun, according to the system room temperature rise, air-conditioning effect is also greatly improved, thereby saving energy.

The installation of awning can be difficult to carry out indoor DIY work, awning built a defensive wind and rain safe outdoor space. It is also suitable for the operation of the fishing rod and the maintenance of the golf apparatus.

Winter can sun. Under the care of the awning can play with the beloved pet or play as a child's place. The terrace space makes me live more colorful. Summer can cool up.

Under the awning can be formed under a wide open outdoor small living room. Put tables and chairs and barbecue tableware, if the mix with the natural polycarbonate wood technology. Put the whole family of green plants together to enjoy the family to enjoy the good times.

 Bee flying butterfly dance, awning under the terrace or you feel the family garden garden garden fun place. Ornamental flowers. Do not have some fun.