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Some basic common sense questions about vehicle maintenance
Jul 16, 2016

Gas, how to check:

As long as diligent in see if the oil gauge is good.


Don't let your gas gauge before refueling, is now producing a new car all electric fuel pump Rod and oil content of electronic sensors, pay attention to let it soak in gasoline in cooling, also oil is too low, may also affect the oxygen sensor in the exhaust system, and these parts are not cheap, so no more than the bottom line to get gas.

Second, oil

How to check: as long as diligent in see if the oil gauge is good.


In General, the oil consumption is not serious enough to spend between two maintenance cycle, but because of the hot weather in the summer, will be a little higher than normal oil consumption. If found in a routine check, impurities in oil or petrol fumes, smoke and light blue, it means the engine problems, abnormal wear of the mechanical parts, and docking.